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Our firm has advanced many areas of knowledge in the scientific and environmental design fields.  We use that knowledge in the most innovative ways possible. The results give our clients the solutions they seek and advance the understanding of environmental practices.

Ecosystem Sciences is one of the most respected scientific and environmental design consulting firms in the country. We have built a reputation for mastering challenges (like the restoration of the Owens River in California, one of the largest river restoration projects ever undertaken) and always providing the best knowledge, science and design for our clients’ needs while promoting a sustainable environment.

We create balanced approaches for resource management, environmental investigations and ecologically based designs.  We believe in an inclusive approach to each project that responds to the natural setting, cultural and social needs, and considers the natural landscape interactions with respect.

Ecosystem Sciences is known for embracing challenging endeavors and solving complex environmental problems with expertise.

We use this forum to allow for further reading of some of our ideas. This information changes often, so check back occasionally for new postings.

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